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About Us

New way Special School & Vocational Training Centre for Mentally Handicapped was established in Dec 2010

More than 650 million people in the world Handicapped, having Physical, Mental, Sensory Impairments or Mental difficulties, are prevented from becoming useful members of our community.

Shree Siddhivinayak foundation have tackled this problem by importing Educational, Diagnostic & Vocational Services for the mentally challenged by specially trained personnel there by running a foundation for them to be integrated in the society.

Shree Siddhivinayk work for two different schools for different age group,

  1. 2-14 year age group
  2. 15 &above age group

School has worked ceaselessly toward helping the mentally challenged individual, not only to learn to adjust to the world around, but more - to become a useful member of the human community, independent and self-sufficient, with a contribution to make to society.

A highly trained team of teachers and professionally qualified therapists each of whom has hands on experience in the field, look at other aspects of mental retardation, such as the benefits of nurturing the special talents each individual manifests and encouraging the student to work on them. For it has been found that given what they like doing, they perform well. Arising out of such challenges, special teaching strategies and unorthodox technologies are developed and are constantly reviewed and upgraded. The goal is to transfer as much learning as possible, to make the learning process enjoyable to moulding it to the individual student’s needs and to elicit the maximum satisfaction from it, both to the teacher and the taught. Pre-vocational& Vocational training in art and crafts, such as stencil and airbrush painting and designing, tailoring and stitch craft. Three-dimensional skills include clay modelling. Other trainings imparted are Catering and Hospitality, and office skills and General Vocational Skills. Concurrently, during these years of training, equal stress is laid upon employment criteria - correct behaviour in work situation, communication and self-help skill